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About us

We are located in Ningbo China and have an area of 13,000 m2 plant. We are a company that consistently achieves levels of excellence above and beyond client expectations in design, quality and timely delivery.
We specialize in metal work and mainly make precise die casting mold and product in auto parts, lighting fixture, machinery accessories, telecommunication components, etc. We can annually produce about 300 sets of large molds and 1000 tons die casting product. We have flexible supply solutions across a wide range of products.
Our technical expertise, advanced equipment and intense sense of service will make sure to become a world-class company in near future.
Mission Statement
With our dedicated and experienced staff, we will continue to manage our expenditure to give best value to our clients.
We aim to service each and every customer with quality product, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.
We are committed to improve our capabilities and strive for excellence continuously.
We aim to truly become your strategic partner rather than just a supplier.
Our Strengths
Highly skilled and experienced staff

We are at your service whether it is low volume with diversity, large volume, high precision request or competitive pricing demand.
Offer one-stop shop in parts

Our Quality Management System monitors and measures the success of our manufacturing process ensuring total compliance to your specifications.

Enterprise honor
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